CS-500 Barra de Áudio e Vídeo para Salas de Reunião

SoundCap Eye™

Introducing how "SoundCap Eye™", Yamaha’s newly developed technology, works to distinguish and pickup voices vs. ambient noise utilizing the camera and audio technology.

Smart Framing

CS-800/CS-500 are equipped with “Smart Framing Feature” that frames your sessions dynamically for easier viewers' experience.

Remote Control

See how easy it is to use the remote to control your sessions, you can adjust camera angles and volume, quick access to mute, and the ability to switch Smart Framing mode.

Face Focus Beamforming

Open workspaces can be noisy with sounds from colleague chatter, office equipment and nearby meetings. CS-800/CS-500’s “Face Focus Beamforming” function brings a solution to you!

DSP - How it sounds

Check out and feel how CS-800/CS-500 sounds with Yamaha's high-quality sound technologies for remote meetings.

How To Update Firmware

Simple steps to update CS-800/CS-500 firmware to the latest version to enjoy latest features. This video will walk you through steps to complete the firmware update in just a few minutes.

Cut Noise in Open Spaces with Face Focus Beamforming

The Yamaha CS Series enables smooth teleconferencing in open spaces with the Face Focus Beamforming function, which suppresses conversation noise from adjacent meeting areas. Watch this video to learn how it works.