CS-500 Barra de Áudio e Vídeo para Salas de Reunião

The difference between the CS-800 and CS-500 is the presence or absence of speakers.

The CS-800 is equipped with full-range speakers and can be used in medium-sized conference rooms where sufficient audio output is required. The CS-500, on the other hand, has no speakers. By utilizing the built-in speakers of the display to which it is connected, the CS-500 can be used in open spaces such as huddle spaces.

Features of the CS-500 and CS-800 compared to the CS-700 include.

SoundCap Eye™ and Smart Framing technologies enable high-quality, comfortable video calls even in open spaces.

Auto wake-up function and USB plug-and-play connectivity for easy use.

Installation advantages: the new CS series has a wider range of mounting options.

Auto wake-up function is only available if your display supports HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) compatible display.

With the product installed in the front vertical position:

- Vertical viewing angle (up/down) is 39° upward and 39° downward for a total of 78°.

- Horizontal viewing angle (left/right) is 55° to the left and 55°to the right for a total of 110°.

What are the viewing angles of the camera, vertically and horizontally respectively?

Please purchase screws (M8) separately to make the length of the following (A+B+C+D).

A: Thickness of screw hole of TV (For stable installation, it is recommended that at least 5mm be secured on the TV side)

B: Thickness of Monitor mounting bracket (horizontal) and Spacer included in BRK-TV1/BRK-TV2

C: Thickness of other manufacturer's brackets such as TV stands (not mandatory, but if used, please include them in the calculation)

D: Thickness of Flat washer and Spring washer included in BRK-TV1/BRK-TV2.

*The thickness of B+D will be 23.1mm.

I tried to install the CS-800 or CS-500 on a TV using the BRK-TV1/BRK-TV2, but the attached screws (M8 x 15mm or M8 x 35mm) are not the right length.

Yes, this can be used.

Since USB cables vary in quality, we recommend that you use cables that have been officially certified by USB-IF. (We do not guarantee the operation of all cables.).

From a smart device connected via Bluetooth to the CS-800/CS-500, just start a conference call, and the CS-800/CS-500 will provide the audio.

The stand-by screen image can be changed by using the CS Manager. See "Stand-by screen image selection" in the "Display Settings" section of the User Guide.

For display sizes 48-70 inches, the CS-500 can be installed above or below the display. Should your display be between 60 and 70 inches then the BRK-TV1 (VESA standard) are required for installation. See the BRK-TV1 website and manual for details.

Use Yamaha's high-spec USB cable CBL-10AC (10m) or CBL-25AC (25m) to connect the CS-800/CS-500 to a PC.

The quality of cables (USB cables and HDMI cables) on the market varies. Use of low-quality cables may cause unstable operation of the CS-800/CS-500. For stable operation, please contact the Yamaha Repair Consultation Center for the most up to date recommendations.

Although any standard speaker will work, we recommend our SR-C20A, MS-101-4, and ESB-1090 speakers for sound quality and other reasons.

*From the standpoint of the echo canceller, we recommend updating the firmware version to V1.2.0 when using the SR-C20A.

*ESB-1090 is only available in certain regions.

When mounting the CS-500 to the top of the TV, use cable ties as shown.

How do I use the cable ties that come with the CS-500?

First check the following items:

- The unit is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable.

- The correct input is selected on your display.

- "Duplicate" or "Extend" is selected in the PC's display settings.

- Check any other necessary settings for your specific device.

- Ensure the DisplayLink setting is enabled in Yamaha CS Manager.

If the laptop screen does not appear on the display after checking the following items, the DisplayLink driver may need to be installed. The latest DisplayLink driver can be downloaded from the following website.

Set Face Focus Beamforming, which reduces voices from outside the meeting area, to ON.

If it is already set, the meeting area may be set too large. Use CS Manager or other software to reduce the size of the meeting area to include only the meeting participants.

The CS-800 and CS-500 can display the current time on the standby screen by communicating with an NTP server.

If communication with an NTP server is not possible, the time will not be displayed. (ver1.2.0 or later)

For information on how to set up the NTP server, please refer to the "Time Settings" section in the CS-500 and CS-800 user manuals.

Please try the following to see if it solves the problem.

- Connect the device to another USB port on the PC

- Connect a USB hub to a USB port on the PC, and then connect the USB hub to the main unit.

- Apply the latest feature updates to the PC via Windows Update

- Update the PC drivers (audio, camera) to the latest version.

Using the CS Remote Configurator, the following can be batch configured for multiple CS-500, CS-800 units.

- Batch update of firmware

- Batch import of configuration files

- Batch modification of standby images

Please refer to the CS Remote Configurator Operation Guide for details.

*When using the CS Remote Configurator, please update the firmware version of CS-500 and CS-800 to V1.2.0 or higher.