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Tudo o que fazemos é inspirar os guitarristas a criar a algo extraordinário. A música não para, e nós também não!

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Peter Hook

When it comes to iconic musicians, it’s a combination of things that make them stand out. The sound, the style, the look and the attitude all add up to complete the picture. And when it comes to iconic bassists, few fit the bill as perfectly as Peter Hook, instantly recognizable with his low-slung Yamaha BB.

Tony Kanal’s Dream Car BB

Tony Kanal’s relationship with Yamaha is a special one – one that the company is sincerely proud of. In 1987 he borrowed money from his father to buy his first bass – a natural finish BB1600 – to play shows after school. Since then, Kanal has enjoyed more than two decades with legendary ska/rock band No Doubt, and currently performs with his new band DREAMCAR. From his first BB1600 to the new custom BB3000 he comissioned especially for DREAMCAR, Kanal has always been killing it with a BB series bass in hand.

Uniting a World of Differing Values Through Music and Guitar. An Interview with Yuki Kondo

WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. supports and promotes the integration of cultures through entertainment. CEO, Yuki Kondo, likens his approach to what an acoustic guitar can do; to start an impromptu jam session anywhere, by/with anybody at any given time.



Yamaha Guitar Development


A Diferença Yamaha

Cada elemento de como projetamos e fabricamos as nossas guitarras é em função da nossa missão, criar instrumentos que inspirem. As nossas guitarras são fabricadas de forma diferente, são fabricadas na Yamaha.