RM-CG Microfone de Teto

Equipped with unique audio signal processing technology for the best performance

Dante-compatible ceiling array microphone equipped with four auto-tracking beamforming and delivering a highly intelligible voice with unique audio signal processing technologies.


RM-CG Microfone de Teto

Um microfone de teto equipado com uma tecnologia de processamento de sinal única que permite comunicações de alta qualidade.

  • Standard network audio support for "Dante"
  • “Multi-beam tracking” that scans for human voice and track simultaneous speech allowing for lively conversations
  • Delivers high intelligible voice with unique audio signal processing technologies
  • Utilizes one PoE+ network cable connection avoiding troublesome wiring and enabling audio control via Dante
  • Supports 3 types of mounting methods for use with a variety of ceiling conditions
  • Automatic detection and configuration with Remote Conference Processor RM-CR

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