NUAGE System Components


Conceived and crafted for impeccable integration with Nuendo/Cubase mixing functions.


Powerful post-production editing with a full selection of ergonomically arranged controls and touch-screen display.

NUAGE I/O (16D/16A/8A8D)

Three high-performance audio I/O units deliver exceptional sonic precision and quality.


Two Nuage Workspace units are available: a large model that is the same size as the Nuage fader unit, and a small model that can be added to a Nuage Master unit to match the width of a standard 24” monitor display.


The Dante Accelerator audio interface card can be installed in the computer running the Nuendo/Cubase DAW to provide extra low-latency multi-channel audio data transfer capacity that can be an advantage when communicating with Nuage I/O units.


Nuendo, the core of the Nuage system, comes with an enviable selection of features not found in any other post production software.

Cubase Pro

Steinberg’s renowned music production software turns your Mac or PC into a complete virtual studio.


Nuendo SyncStation is a hardware synchronizer that facilitates sample-accurate timecode synchronization between audio and video equipment.

Additional Hardware

Nuage systems can be used with a variety of peripheral hardware and accessories to create working environments that are ideally tailored to individual needs. Here we have compiled a selection of items that Yamaha has tested and recommends for use with Nuage systems.

Computer (Mac)

Apple Mac Pro

The latest model featuring the Intel Xeon E5 CPU

* Require a Thunderbolt expansion chassis for Dante Accelerator connection.

Network Switch

Yamaha SWP1

The SWP1 series network switch allows a Dante optimized setup and VLAN presets to be recalled by flipping DIP switches.


Logic Keyboard

An ideal keyboard for Nuendo/Cubase operation, with a wealth of assignable shortcut keys.

Audio Interface

Yamaha AD8HR

8-channel microphone preamp/AD converter, remotely controllable from Nuage.

Audio Interface

Yamaha R Series (AD/DA)

Dante equipped microphone preamps/AD converters, remotely controllable from Nuage Two models: 16-in/8-out, 32-in/24-out.

Audio Interface

Yamaha R Series (MADI)

The RMio64-D Dante/MADI conversion I/O rack is here. It supports a wide range of broadcast and live sound applications with extraordinary flexibility, and without getting in the way.

Monitor Processor

Yamaha MMP1

The MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System offers all essential audio processing functionality for DAW-based production environments.

Thunderbolt Expansion System/ 4U Rackmount Enclosure

Sonnet xMac Pro Server

This Thunderbolt expansion unit provides audio transfer between a Dante Accelerator and a Mac Pro computer while neatly rack mounting the Mac Pro (late 2013 model).

Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis

Sonnet Echo Express SE II

PCIe expansion chassis that allows the Dante Accelerator card to be connected to late 2013 Mac Pro models via Thunderbolt.

* The Echo Express III-D, are also supported.

Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis

Magma ExpressBox 1T

PCIe expansion chassis that allows the Dante Accelerator card to be connected to late 2013 Mac Pro models via Thunderbolt.

* The Magma ExpressBox 3T are also supported.

KVM Switch


Operate multiple DAWs from a single keyboard and mouse.

Custom Desk


Elegant studio furniture to house Nuage systems.

Custom Desk

ProWave system from AKA Design

ProWave Desk designed for Nuage with rack and table options.

Custom Desk

Sound Construction & Supply Yamaha Nuage 1 Desk

Houses 2 Nuage Faders, 1 Nuage Master, and 1 Nuage Small Workspace. Hand crafted and finished in Nashville TN.

* The third-party products introduced in the above list are NOT sold or supported by Yamaha. Refer to the respective manufacturers for information.