Reed Receiver (Solid Nickel Silver)

The reed receiver features a new design that has more volume and weight than current models, contributing to richer overall resonance. The socket has a slightly looser internal diameter that makes reed insertion easy.

Nova concepção da campânula

The bell’s exterior contour, internal diameter, and flare have been carefully redesigned, and the bell ring omitted to create a new, thicker bell design. The new bell delivers a powerful tone that is rich in overtones, with a big, round quality that is suitable for symphonies.

Revised B Key Pad Cup

The B key pad cup has a significant influence on the overall tone of an oboe, and in this model has extra thickness while the slit has been located on the underside of the pad. This not only reduces C# noise, but also improves high-range playability and tone in general. The B-A# trill lever has been matched to the height of the B key for enhanced playability.

Philadelphia D Key Adjustment Screw

This adjustment screw allows fine adjustment of high D playability.

* A “Philadelphia D key” is linked to the low C key and allows adjustment of the D double ring key opening (in current models only the low C and E keys are linked with opening adjustment).

B Resonance Key

B resonance key has been included to improve the low B sound. The key can be disengaged via the adjustment screw if desired, but the mechanism is designed so that the resonance key always opens when the lowest Bb is played.

Forked F Resonance Key Adjustment Screw

This adjustment screw allows adjustment of the opening as well as complete disengagement of the auxiliary key if desired.

New Adjustable Thumb Rest

In addition to vertical adjustment, the angle of this thumb rest can be adjusted to achieve the most comfortable thumb fit and position. A strap ring is also included for optimum playing position, so the performer can concentrate more fully on the music.

New Tone Hole Design

Tone hole design has been completely reassessed and updated to provide ideal breath resistance and luxurious resonance. The revised tone holes also make conservatoire fingering easier.

Deluxe multi-functional case bag (YOB-830L)

Oboístas precisam transportar todos os tipos de ferramentas e acessórios para ajustes de palhetas. Os novos bolsos do projeto permitem acomodar tudo o que você vai precisar em um ensaio. Na parte de trás existe um bolso A4, que permite carregar partituras B4 verticalmente. As alças para o ombro permitem que você escolha entre carregar verticalmente ou horizontalmente.