Refined Bass for Any Stage

Since the release of the SLB100 in 2000, Yamaha has continued to release SILENT Bass™ models that fulfill user needs, cementing the Yamaha SILENT Bass™ as standout brand in the electric upright bass genre.

The SLB300 delivers realistic acoustic bass sound and playability plus unparalleled SILENT Bass™ functionality in a superb instrument that will bring the SILENT Bass™ to more players and listeners than ever before.

The ultimate SILENT Bass™ - SLB300PRO

Building on the high level of quality achieved in the SLB300, this model offers tone that is remarkably close to acoustic bass plus even further refined playability. With appearance, specifications, and performance that befit the high-end jazz scene, the SLB300PRO goes beyond the standard definition of electric upright bass with unlimited musical potential.


Body Designed for Pure Acoustic Tone

SRT Powered System adds realistic body resonance

Three microphone types, EQ, and blend control deliver ideal sound

The compact body is portable and easy to set up.

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SLB-300 SILENT Bass™

Este é um novo tipo de contrabaixo elétrico que é capaz de proporcionar o som e a ressonância natural graças ao SRT POWERED que simula o som com a qualidade de um estúdio.


A premium model with upgraded specifications that result in improved tone and playability as well as sophisticated appearance.

As cores e acabamentos apresentados podem variar relativamente ao produto real.