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Genos Owner's Manual [8.8MB]
Genos Owner's Manual [8.1MB] [8.8MB]
Genos Reference Manual [10MB]
Genos Data List [2.2MB]
Genos firmware installation guide [148KB]
Smart Device Connection Manual for iOS (iPhone/iPad Connection Manual) [4.5MB]
Smart Device Connection Manual for iOS (iPhone/iPad Connection Manual) [4.5MB] [4.5MB]
Computer-related Operations [506KB]
Computer-related Operations [433KB] [506KB]
Audio Phraser Installation Guide [282KB]
Audio Phraser Owner's Manual [1.4MB]
Genos Owner's Manual (Text Version) [180KB]
Genos Reference Manual (Text Version) [175KB]
Genos Voice Guide Tutorial Manual (Text Version) [7KB]
Yamaha Expansion Manager Installation Guide [300KB]
Yamaha Expansion Manager Owner's Manual [977KB]
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[Bonus Audio Style Pack] Country & Jazz [51MB]
[Bonus Audio Style Pack] Dance [49.2MB]
[Bonus Audio Style Pack] Latin [71.6MB]
[Bonus Audio Style Pack] Movie&Show [58.3MB]
[Bonus Audio Style Pack] Pop [68.1MB]
[Bonus Audio Style Pack] R&B [64.5MB]
[Bonus Audio Style Pack] RetroPop [65.8MB]
[Bonus Audio Style Pack] Rock [78MB]
Bonus Playlist for Genos [1.4MB]
Bonus Playlist for Genos V2.0 Superior Pack [99KB]
Cubase Patch for Genos [14KB]
Declaration of Conformity (Genos) [1MB]
Premium Pack conversion schedule [18KB]
PSR-S970 Entertainer Styles for Genos [114KB]
SX900 Styles for Genos [582KB]
Tyros5 Styles for Genos [2.3MB]
Yamaha playlist " Discover Genos " [131.5MB]
Compatible USB Device List for Genos [48KB]
Compatible USB Display Adapter List for Genos [117KB]
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Voice Guide Tutorial Manual and File for Genos 7KB 2019-11-15