Devido à dificuldade em adquirir semicondutores e peças em todo o mundo, as entregas dos nossos produtos em algumas regiões poderão sofrer atrasos.

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Active Field Control

The detailed, dimensional reverberation control capabilities of AFC Enhance can be used to create acoustic spaces in which acoustic images are positioned and controlled by AFC Image.

Yamaha and NEXO Talk Your Language at ISE 2022

As the constraints caused by the pandemic are gradually coming to an end, Yamaha and NEXO will be exhibiting at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show with the aim of bringing people together again and discussing what the professional audio industry can do to make the world a better place.

Yamaha Serves Great Sound At Buddha Restaurant & Sushi

Magni Restaurant and Sushi, developed in the Buddha Room in Fondi, Italy, is a new restaurant, where diners can enjoy the best sushi, an extended menu and a wide range of drinks. As well as a great dining experience, owner Magni Gianmaria wanted to make sure guests enjoy the highest quality music. A Yamaha audio system was chosen to serve excellent sound.

CD-S303RK Firmware Update Ver.1.37 Released

This firmware includes improvement of playability.

Novas Mesas de Live Streaming da Série AG

O live streaming pessoal tornou-se uma forma importante de entretenimento online e continua a crescer

Nova Mesa de Gaming em Streaming da Série ZG

A nova mesa de mistura de áudio dedicada ao gaming surge como resposta à crescente procura de uma experiência global de jogo mais imersiva