Live From Home

Live From Home

Live From Home são concertos online, é uma iniciativa que junta pessoas de todo o mundo para levar a música a todas os lares. Artistas de diferentes países apresentam-se ao vivo a partir de suas casas e/ou também para partilhar tutoriais e conteúdos variados através das redes sociais da Yamaha.

Date / Time Language Artist Instrument Social Platform
English Eyolf Dale Piano
English Thierry Maillard Piano
Spanish Sam- improviser Piano
Italian Seby Burgio Piano
English Célia Oneto Bensaid Piano
Italian/English Andrea Manzoni Piano
English Aleksander Dębicz Piano
Italian Marco De Gennaro Piano
Spanish Marco Mezquida Piano
English Peter Moore Trombone
English Peter Moore Trombone
English Claire Huangci Piano
English Nicholas McCarthy AvantGrand / Piano
English Fanny Azzuro Piano
Date / Time Language Artist Instrument Social Platform
Italian Roberto Prosseda Piano
Italian Fabio Giachino Digital piano
Italian Seby Burgio Digital piano
Italian Andrea Tofanelli & Riccardo Arrighini Trumpet + Piano
Italian Costantino Catena Piano
Italian Manuele Montesanti Synth
Italian Alex Battini de Barreiro Drums
Italian Aleksander Zielinski Piano
Italian Marco Pierobon Trumpet
Italian Simone Gianlorenzi Guitars/L6
Italian Antonio Faraò Piano
Italian Davide Locatelli Hybrid Piano
Italian Massimiliano Cona Ac.Guitar/L6
Italian Anna Panariello Voice
Italian Marco De Gennaro & trio Digital piano, drums, voice
Italian Stefano Belotti Trombone
Italian Santi Scarcella Digital Piano
Italian Giacomo Tantillo Trumpet
Italian Luigi Ranghino Digital piano
Italian Andrea Tofanelli Trumpet
Italian Andrea Vizzini Piano
Italian Francesco Santucci Sax
Spanish Arlessa Garcia Drums
Spanish Gabriel Peso DP / Synth
Spanish Álvaro Gandul AvantG/Synth
English/Spanish Juan Pérez Floristán Piano
Italian Eleonora e Beatrice Dallagnese Piano
Italian Alessandro Castelli Trombone
Zvjezdan Ruzic Piano
English Mariam Batsashvili Piano
Portuguese Luiz Caracol Guitar / Voice
Portuguese Sérgio Carolino Tuba
Spanish Dorantes Piano
English Francesco Tristano Piano
English Belle Chen Piano / Reface

Iconic Music Pieces


There are songs out there that are instantly recognisable from just one word. Think Imagine, Yesterday and Bohemian Rhapsody's "Mama" to name but a few. In Jesus Christ Superstar's Gethsemane, the word is almost certainly WHY

Bohemian Rhapsody like never before

One million, one hundred and thirty-five thousand, eight hundred and nineteen… No, wait, I misread that. There are actually another three digits. As I write, that's one billion, one hundred and thirty-five million, eight hundred and nineteen thousand, eight hundred and twenty-four views on YouTube...

Two takes on IMAGINE

Finding a pop song that everyone knows to use as a paradigm for an easy and practical introduction to listening has not been easy. I didn't think any old well-known song would do: I needed one that's carved into the DNA of humankind ...

Artists Interviews