Bart De Lausnay



In 2004, Bart graduated from the Conservatory of Ghent as a master of music – in Classical Music with Michel Takashi and Luc De Dass. After that he studied with Brandt Attema at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and followed masterclasses with various bass trombonists from the Netherlands, Hungary, Scandinavia and the United States.

In his young career he has already played in a lot of different kind of genres. He is working fulltime at the music academies of Leuven and Lier and is also active as a freelance musician.

You could already hear him with the National Orchestra of Belgium, the Flemish Opera, Brussels Philharmonic, Flanders Symphony Orchestra, the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and the Nederlands Blazers ensemble.

His collaborations with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Station Big Band, Metropole Jazz Orchestra (NL) and his own TuesdayNight Orchestra testify to his second love: the Jazz.

As a soloist Bart sees the opportunity to promote the different timbres and possibilities of the bass trombone. He combined these with string quartet, saxophone quartet, Jazz combo, big Band, brass Quartet, trombone ensemble and Hafabra Orchestra.

Bart also inspired some composers to write works for him and his beloved instrument: Steven Prengels, Karel Van's, Simon vs.

Bart is Yamaha Artist and plays YBL-830 Bass Trombone.

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