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[Portable Grand]


76 keys and computer ready

Portable Grand with 76-key touch response keyboard.

Portable Keyboard Catalogue 2014-2015 [English] Portable Keyboard Catalogue 2014-2015PDF [41.9MB]
Portable Keyboard General Catalogue 2012/2013 [English] Portable Keyboard General Catalogue 2012/2013PDF [15.9MB]

As cores e acabamentos apresentados podem variar relativamente ao produto real.

  • 76-key organ-style touch sensitive keyboard
  • Portable Grand button for Yamaha's world-famous grand piano sound
  • Music Database: 208 song titles for quick keyboard setups
  • 6-track sequencer: record your own music
  • Flash memory to download songs for learning

The DGX-200 is a stunning example of performance and value resulting from cutting-edge technology, which includes Flash memory that allows players to download music and store it in onboard memory, making expandability easy and affordable. With over 600 voices, the Yamaha Education Suite for learning songs, and a built-in six-track sequencer, the DGX-200 is perfect for players of any level and musicians who want an extended keyboard with MIDI control.


Touch Response Keyboard

The touch response keyboard tracks the pressure applied to each key, changing the sound to correspond to that pressure for a more subtle, fluid, piano-style of playing.

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23/10/2013 [Instrumentos Musicais]
O seu primeiro Piano

É o primeiro ano a estudar piano? Parabéns! A decisão que tomou de levar o seu filho a estudar música, vai ser uma das influências mais positivas da sua vida.

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