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Awsome Power, Total Control

Street Smart Synth with Motif Sounds

MM6/MM8 Brochure [English] MM6/MM8 BrochurePDF [1.6MB]
MM6/MM8 Brochure [English] MM6/MM8 BrochurePDF [854KB]

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The MM6 Music Synthesizer delivers all that power and more. Drawing on the same sounds of the popular pro-level MOTIF series instruments, the MM6 has a wide variety of dynamic, realistic and just plain powerful Voices to help you create amazing music. The MM6 also gives you total control over your sound, with real-time tweakable knobs, and features special Patterns that provide full backing - drums, bass and chords - for your live performance and song creation. And since the MM6 is exceptionally light and portable, you can bring it anywhere and everywhere your music takes you.

The MM6 gives you:
- Super-high-quality sounds
- Tons of real-time control
- Dynamic music creation tools-including automatic Pattern and Arpeggiator generators
- Performance Memory for instantfull-panel setting changes
- Versatile song recording features -with eight normal tracks and one Pattern track
- Convenient, easy-to-use data storage solutions


Play - Sounds From The Legendary MOTIF

That's the first and most important thing you look - and listen - for in a synthesizer. Rest assured, this synthesizer delivers. The MM6 has 418 Voices and 22 Drum Kits on board, based on the sounds of the famed pro-level MOTIF series synthesizers. These...

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Artist comments

Bert Smorenburg and MM6



MM6 Demo (Japanese)

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