Rekkenze Brass

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Rekkenze Brass

REKKENZE - the name of an old slavic village in 1135. Todays town of „Hof“ (in Bavaria, Germany) was founded on the soil of this village.

REKKENZE BRASS – is a Brass quintett that was founded 843 years later by some members of the Hof Philharmonic Orchestra and that gained an enormous international reputation since then. Since the very beginning, it was the members wish to show the transparent borders in between the different styles of music by presenting a wide range repertoire of arrangements and original compositions. Their charming and happy performance created the term of “Brasszination”.


The ensemble tours in Austria, Germany and Switzerland but has also been playing abroad like in Taiwan, the U.S. and Japan. In June 1995 REKKENZE BRASS was awarded with one of the most regarded German Music prizes, the „Kulturpreis der Oberfrankenstiftung“. The members of REKKENZE BRASS are: Peter Knudsvig (Trumpet), Benjamin Sebald (Trumpet), Debra Luttrell (Horn), Rene Jampen (Trombone) and Rainer Streit (Tube).

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